Bernd does not write here anymore.


Our trip to Chaingmai and Chiangrai -No.1


Back in Bangkok!!!

I had a some great days traveling with my parents and my brother. First we went up to the north of Thailand: Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai. Followed by a short stop over in Bangkok and then we went to Pukhet and Ko Phi Phi, both in the south of Thailand. Especially Ko Phi Phi was wonderful. I have never see such great beaches with such amazing sand and the water was not blue, it was .... well you will see in the pictures that I will post very soon :-)


Welcome family!

My family arrived in Thailand to gave me a visit. We will be traveling thtough this beautiful country for round abour two weeks :-)... I am especially looking forward to go to the beautiful beaches in Pukhet and Ko Phi Phi. Never the less, my vacation has to be interupted twice, because I have to go to work on the next two fridays. But anyway, can't wait to get out of Bangkok and see more of this beautiful country.


weekend in Hua Hin

Last weekend I went to Hua Hin with a couple of friends. Here some pics from that trip.


this past week......

..... many things happened here. At first I have signed now a new contract. I am not longer a Trainee anymore, but now an official employee in the position of assistant manager. I am very happy about that, because it means that I can stay for many years longer in my beloved Thailand........ YEAH!!!!!!! So if you have plans to travel to Thailand, now you know someone who lifes there!!!!!

Also in this week, we had our CEO from Germany for a visit. I had the chance to join dinner with im Tuesday and Wednesday. We also chatted for a little while. I find it quite funny that I was invited both to both dinner :-) It was also interesting when I said good bye to him. He mentioned that he can truly see that this is the right place for me here because I look very happy here. He also mentioned that he heard many good things about me.... wow..... not to often for me to hear that from the CEO.

And with the new job there also comes a lot more responsibility and with that comes also longer working hours and with that comes the need for a car. So I have started to look for one. Today I went to a car dealer, to see, what kind of car I can fit in...... Hopefully soon, I will have my own car. I can't wait to have one. With a car, I will have more possibilities to make trips outside of Bangkok to the nice beaches here...... SWEET!!!


bye bye cd! I will miss you.....

tonight I heard from some friends that the biggest cd store in town is closing down. That means that I will hardly have an opportunity to buy leagel cds anymore. Some of you might think, why not downloading of the internet? Well, the download speed of my connection is approx. 10kb/s. Not kidding guys. Even I pay for a 2Mb/s line, the provider is giving me this download rate. Did you ever try to donwload 700Mb with your 56k modem many years before?..... It sucks.